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CHC 2019 - 2020 Season Player Registration

Cranford Hockey Club Tryout and 2019-2020 Season Registration

Welcome to the CHC 2019 - 2020  Tryout and Season Registration!

This registration session will sign your player up for BOTH the tryouts and the the 2019-2020 season for Cranford Hockey Club.  You will need a SportsEngine login and a valid USA Hockey number to process this registration.  The tryout fee is $50.  (Late registrations after April 12th will cost $75).  The only payment required at the end of this registration session is the $50/$75 tryout fee.

Tryouts for goalies is free and will have the initial $50 tryout fee refunded after the registration.

Once a roster spot is accepted after tryouts, you will be charged automatically on the specified dates of the payment plan that you choose.

Goalies will be refunded their tryout fee 7-10 business days after registration.

Mite Travel, Squirt and Pee Wee registration is CLOSED.  Please register by March 22nd.   The $50 fee will be increased to $75 on March 23rd.  

Bantam, U16 Midget and U18 Midget registration is  CLOSED.  Please register by April 12th.   The $50 fee will be increased to $75 on April 13th.   (All Bantams and Midgets that register April 1st or later will need to use an updated USA Hockey number valid for the 2019-2020 season.).

Mite Development registration is now OPEN.   There is NO $50 tryout fee for Mite Development.  We do not have a deadline to register but there are a limited number of spaces available and recommend registering sooner than later.  For Mite Development there are NO TRYOUTS.  This is a beginner level program for players new to hockey or with some Learn To Play experience.  Players for Mite Development can register for the season here and they will NOT be charged the $50 tryout fee.  There are 3 payment options you can chose:  Pay in full at checkout, OR pay half ($550) at checkout and the other half ($550) on October 15th or pay $100 at checkout, $500 on September 1st and $500 on October 1st.  

Players who tryout for Mite Travel will be evaluated by our coaching staff and may be placed in our Mite Development program.  Players who tryout for Mite Travel and are placed in Mite Development will have their $50 tryout fee refunded.  Any questions specific to Mites can be sent to our Coaching Director Rick Sacchetti at . 

During this registration you will be required to choose a payment plan for the 2019-2020 tuition.   There are three choices for Mite Travel through Midget:  
1) Make a one-time payment for the full amount,
2) Make two scheduled payments or
3) Make five scheduled payments. 

All tuition amounts will INCLUDE a 2.75% processing fee + $1.00 for each transaction.  All tuition charges will AUTOMATICALLY be charged to the credit card used here on specific dates detailed later in this registration.

If you are not offered a roster spot or decline a roster spot in the club, your credit card will NOT be charged any further. 

2019-2020 Tuition Costs (in addition to the $50 tryout fee):

Mite Development: $1,100.00 (no tryout fee)

Mite Travel: $1,900.00

Squirt & Pee Wee: $2,450.00

Bantam: $2,450.00

Midget: $1,750.00

** Goalie tuition is 50% off  for Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams and Midgets.  The goalie tuition paid is eligible for reimbursement for in-season goalie instruction fees incurred. **


You need a USA Hockey number valid for the 2019-2020 season for this registration.  If you don't have one for the current season, go to USA Hockey Membership before proceeding with the tryout registration.

As a reminder, you will need to renew your USA Hockey registration for the 2019-2020 season before you can get on the ice for your first practice in August or September.  Registration for the new season usually opens on April 1st.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Sean McDonald

Registration Inquiries